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We were asked by some of the local stores who are seeing a large increase of people who are falling victim to SCAMS comming in and purchaseing gift cards, Green Dot Money cards, western Union, etc and sending thier hard earned $$$ to scam artists. We are taking reports every day on people who are falling victims to these false promises of a new car, or large sums of money, or helping a false cause. Make sure to talk with your family members, especially the elderly ones who seem to be contacted the most, and explain to them about these scams and to hang up on them and not give in to them. There have been some who have sent thousands of dollars to them scammers and continue to send them funds on these false promises. Also dont give out any of your information or give access to anyone who says they are helping you with issues on your electronics. They are gaining your information!! Dont click on any emails or links from people you dont know. This gives them access to your computers and email programs and possibly your bank accounts.