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City Council



James (J.K.) Williams

Ward 1 Position 1

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Finis Brewer

Ward 1 Position 2

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Ricky Shuttleworth

Ward 2 Position 1

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Truman Bullard

Ward 2 Position 2

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Dana Woods

Ward 3 Position 1

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Danny Simmons

Ward 3 Position 2

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City council members are officers and officials of their city.

Here are some of the councils responsibilities.


* Has the management and control of the city finances and all real and personal property belonging to the city (Hdbk. 14-43-502).

* Approves or disapproves an annual operating budget by February of each year (Hdbk. 14-58-202).

* Sets the procedures by ordinance for making purchases that do not exceed the sum of $10,000 in cities of the first class. (Hdbk. 14-58-303(b)).

* Sets the time and place for regular city council meetings (Hdbk. 14-43-501).

* May override the mayor's appointment and removal of department heads by two-thirds vote of the total membership (Hdbk. 14-42-110).

* May override the mayor's veto by two-thirds vote [Hdbk. 14-43-504(e);14-44-107(b); 14-45-105(b)].

* Calls for a special election in cities of the first class to fill the vacancy of the unexpired mayor's term of office, if the unexpired term is for more than six (6) months [Hdbk. 14-43-401(b)(l)].

* May fill, by appointment in cities of the first class, the vacancy to the office of mayor if the expired term is less than six (6) months [Hdbk. 14-43-401(b)(l)].

* Sets the salaries of the mayor, council and other municipal officials. Salaries of officials may be increased during the term, but not decreased during the term of office unless requested by that official (Hdbk. 14-42-113).

All meetings should be open to the public in accord with the state Freedom of Information Act (Hdbk. 25-19-106).