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City & State Laws Concerning Water

City of Mountain View Water & Sewer Department

Located at 411 West Main Street

PO BOX 360

Mountain View, Ar 72560

PH: 870-269-3293

Fax: 870-269-9158

City Ordinance 2022-000

An Ordinance of the City of Mountain View, Arkansas Increasing Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Rates: For Declaring An Emergency; and for other Purposes:

To open and print click the link below:

 Water Rate Increase 2022 Screenshot water rate increase photo

Screenshot water rate increase 2 photo


City Ordinance 2021-04

An ordinance of the City of Mountain View, Arkansas providing for the collection and disposal of solid waste and for providing for the rules, procedures, charges, and penalties therefore, and for declaring an emergency.

To print this ordinance click here

mv city ord 1

mv city ord 2

mv city ord 3

mv city ord 4

State Law 14-234-601

To print this law click here

mv state law 1

mv state law 2

Dumpster Ordinance

Click here to print the ordinance

Dumpster Ordinance 1.

Dumpster Ordinance 2

Dumpster Ordinance 3

Dumpster Ordinance 4

Dumpster Ordinance 5

Dumpster Ordinance 6