While we are saddened that we were unable to finish the campaign, we understand the importance of having a functioning weather radio.

Since we cannot physically program these for you like we normally would, we have created a video that explains the process of how to program one yourself. This video is very easy to follow along and we hope it helps you.

Below this video, you will find other helpful guides that cover how to add multiple counties to your weather radio, turn off or on additional alerts, a list that shows which weather radio channel/frequency your radio needs to tune into, and battery information for your weather radio.


Again, in text form, if you need to add or adjust the current location, follow these steps:

  1. Press menu
  2. Press down arrow until you find "Select Location"
  3. Press select
  4. If you have multiple counties programmed, press down to "Multiple"' If you have a single county programmed, press down to "Single"
  5. Press select once you've gotten to the option you desire
  6. To add a location press down until you find a memory bank that is labeled "Empty"' To modify the current location and change it to another area, select the memory bank you desire to change.
  7. Press select
  8. Make sure "USA" is shown on the screen. Once it is, press select
  9. Make sure the state desired (Arkansas) is shown on the screen. Once it is, press select
  10. At this point, you will notice the prompt does not appear to change if you selected Arkansas as the state of choice. Since there is a county named Arkansas the county list will start with Arkansas
  11. Press the down arrow until you find your desired county. Once you have it on the screen, press select. "Set Location" will reappear once you've pressed select
  12. Press the menu button until you see "Saving" appear on the screen. You have now programmed the location for your radio.

How to program Midland radio to alert you for multiple locations:

Many in the community prefer having multiple counties programmed into their weather radio because it helps them have a heads up when severe storms get close. In that case, at programming events, we typically include the counties that surround the county where the person lives. Below is a video that shows you how to add additional counties to your weather radio.



How to turn on alerts for other warnings/watches/advisories after selecting option to "All off":

If you followed the steps to turn off all of warnings/watches and advisories except for tornado warnings and now you want to turn a few other alerts back on, the video below shows you how to do that.




When it comes to batteries, this can be your lifesaver when the power goes out. To ensure that your weather radio continues to function without electricity from the power outlet, make sure that you change out the three AA batteries every 6 months. Normally, we tell people to pick either the first day of Spring and Fall or Summer and Winter to change the batteries.

Channel/Frequency guide for weather radio:

In the video, we talk about making sure you select the proper channel/frequency for your weather radio to listen to due to there being multiple towers located across the state. Below you will find a list that shows the county and the frequency that can be picked up in that county.

NOTE: You will notice that some counties may have multiple options for a frequency. Choose the frequency based on how clear the signal sounds.

County NWR Transmitter Call Sign Frequency
Arkansas Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Arkansas Star City WXJ54 162.400
Ashley El Dorado WNG725 162.525
Ashley Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Baxter Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Baxter Yellville WWG54 162.500
Benton Fayetteville WXJ52 162.475
Benton Grove WWH38 162.525
Benton Springdale WNG694 162.400
Boone Harrison WXN92 162.525
Boone Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Bradley El Dorado WNG725 162.525
Bradley Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Bradley Star City WXJ54 162.400
Calhoun El Dorado WNG725 162.525
Calhoun Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Calhoun Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Carroll Fayetteville WXJ52 162.475
Carroll Harrison WXN92 162.525
Carroll Springdale WNG694 162.400
Chicot Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Chicot Inverness KIH50 162.425
Clark Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Clark High Peak KXI92 162.425
Clay Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Clay Wardell WWG47 162.525
Cleburne Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Cleburne Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Cleburne Russell KXI96 162.400
Cleveland Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Cleveland Star City WXJ54 162.400
Columbia El Dorado WNG725 162.525
Columbia Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Columbia Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Conway Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Conway Morrilton KXI91 162.475
Conway Russellville WWF96 162.525
Craighead Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Crawford Fayetteville WXJ52 162.475
Crawford Fort Smith WXJ50 162.550
Crittenden Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Crittenden Memphis WXK49 162.475
Cross Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Cross Memphis WXK49 162.475
Dallas Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Dallas Star City WXJ54 162.400
Desha Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Desha Star City WXJ54 162.400
Drew Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Drew Star City WXJ54 162.400
Faulkner Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Faulkner Morrilton KXI91 162.475
Franklin Fayetteville WXJ52 162.475
Franklin Fort Smith WXJ50 162.550
Fulton Cherokee Village WNG639 162.475
Fulton Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Garland High Peak KXI92 162.425
Garland Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Grant Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Greene Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Hempstead Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Hempstead High Peak KXI92 162.425
Hempstead Mena KXI97 162.400
Hempstead Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Hot Spring Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Hot Spring High Peak KXI92 162.425
Hot Spring Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Howard Broken Bow WXJ65 162.450
Howard High Peak KXI92 162.425
Howard Mena KXI97 162.400
Howard Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Independence Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Independence Russell KXI96 162.400
Izard Cherokee Village WNG639 162.475
Izard Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Jackson Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Jackson Russell KXI96 162.400
Jefferson Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Jefferson Star City WXJ54 162.400
Johnson Russellville WWF96 162.525
Lafayette Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Lawrence Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Lee Memphis WXK49 162.475
Lincoln Star City WXJ54 162.400
Little River Broken Bow WXJ65 162.450
Little River Mena KXI97 162.400
Little River Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Logan Fort Smith WXJ50 162.550
Logan Russellville WWF96 162.525
Lonoke Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Lonoke Russell KXI96 162.400
Madison Fayetteville WXJ52 162.475
Madison Springdale WNG694 162.400
Marion Harrison WXN92 162.525
Marion Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Marion Yellville WWG54 162.500
Miller Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Mississippi Dyersburg WWH30 162.500
Mississippi Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Mississippi Memphis WXK49 162.475
Mississippi Wardell WWG47 162.525
Monroe Russell KXI96 162.400
Montgomery High Peak KXI92 162.425
Montgomery Mena KXI97 162.400
Nevada Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Nevada Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Newton Harrison WXN92 162.525
Newton Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Ouachita El Dorado WNG725 162.525
Ouachita Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Perry High Peak KXI92 162.425
Perry Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Perry Morrilton KXI91 162.475
Perry Russellville WWF96 162.525
Phillips Marvell WNG643 162.525
Pike Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Pike High Peak KXI92 162.425
Pike Mena KXI97 162.400
Pike Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Poinsett Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Polk High Peak KXI92 162.425
Polk Mena KXI97 162.400
Pope Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Pope Morrilton KXI91 162.475
Pope Russellville WWF96 162.525
Prairie Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Prairie Russell KXI96 162.400
Pulaski Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Randolph Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Saline High Peak KXI92 162.425
Saline Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Scott Fort Smith WXJ50 162.550
Scott High Peak KXI92 162.425
Scott Mena KXI97 162.400
Searcy Harrison WXN92 162.525
Searcy Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Sebastian Fort Smith WXJ50 162.550
Sevier Broken Bow WXJ65 162.450
Sevier Mena KXI97 162.400
Sevier Texarkana WXJ49 162.550
Sharp Cherokee Village WNG639 162.475
Sharp Mountain View WXL66 162.450
St. Francis Memphis WXK49 162.475
Stone Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Union El Dorado WNG725 162.525
Union Fountain Hill KGG86 162.475
Union Gurdon WXJ48 162.475
Van Buren Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Van Buren Mountain View WXL66 162.450
Washington Fayetteville WXJ52 162.475
Washington Springdale WNG694 162.400
White Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
White Russell KXI96 162.400
Woodruff Jonesboro WXJ51 162.550
Woodruff Russell KXI96 162.400
Yell High Peak KXI92 162.425
Yell Little Rock WXJ55 162.550
Yell Russellville WWF96 162.525